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Exercise Diet

Account : Getting Started

What do I need to do to register? If you are not currently a member, register now. If you already subscribe to a program, click here for express sign-up. Select the service you desire from the drop-down list found on the "upgrade subscription" page.

Account : Billing

How will the charges appear on my credit card? All charges for service will be billed by Genesant Technologies, Inc.

How do I continue my subscription? After your initial subscription has expired, your subscription will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis.

Can I pay by check? Sorry, but at the moment the only payment options are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card credit cards. A credit card is necessary to initiate service.

How does your billing system work? The purchase price of the package you select is authorized for the length of the trial period. We do not actually charge your credit card until the end of the trial. If you cancel, the authorization will remain until the trial is over. But if you signed up and cancelled the next day, the amount of credit from the purchase will be held by your credit card company for most of the trial. At the end of the trial your card will NOT be charged and your credit will return.

My initial service is over but I am still being charged. Payments recur automatically after the trial period on a monthly basis until you cancel, as mentioned on the online confirm page as well as the confirm email. Please go to the My Account section for information on how to cancel your account.

When does the free trial start? Service starts with the completion of registration, not with the selection of a diet or workout start date. Each subsequent month is calculated from the time the service was started.

My card is being denied. Make sure that the billing address entered EXACTLY matches the address and zip code that your credit card company has on file.

I have corrected my expiration date, but continue to be denied. When you change the expiration date on the credit card entry page, you need to re-enter your ENTIRE credit card number along with the expiration date change before hitting submit.

Will I have interaction with a personal trainer or nutritionist? The service offers access to software developed in conjunction with personal trainers and dieticians, but not direct access to experts.

Account : Cancellation

How do I cancel my subscription? Go to the My Account section for more information on how to cancel your account.

How do I cancel a recurring subscription? Once you have paid for the required service, you may cancel your recurring subscription at any time. Go to the My Account section for more information on how to cancel your account. IMPORTANT: If you recently signed up, don't try to cancel your recurrence until AFTER the free trial -- doing so will cancel your current subscription.

Exercise : Exercise Service

I would like to change my program. To create a new workout, simply click on the "Update Profile" button on the "My Workout" page and select your workout track. Realize, however, that this will erase the current workout you have created.

I cannot print my workout correctly. Problems with printing are unrelated to our software. They can be fixed by changing the settings on your browser.

The animated demos are not working. To view the animated demonstrations, you will need to install Macromedia's Shockwave and Flash Player on your computer. You can download this plug-in at

Exercise : Exercise Equipment

I don't know how to do an exercise. Please use the Animated Demos menu to find the exercise or a similar exercise that works the same body parts. Then, when entering your results, you can substitute the new exercise for the old one.

Is the bar included in the weight for barbell bench press? The weight prescribed includes the weight of the bar, a standard 45 lbs.

Is the weight prescribed a total or for each dumbbell? The weight shown for dumbbells is for EACH dumbbell.

How much does an EZ bar curl weigh? The standard weight of an EZ curling bar is 25 lbs.

Can I use home gym equipment with the program? Most standard equipment will correspond to our system. However, our software is not compatible with some home gym equipment. You will have to use your own judgment when substituting.

Exercise : Exercise Usage

What should I do for a warm-up? For a warm-up, we recommend completing one set of each exercise at a lighter weight, less than 50% of your first prescribed set. Do not record that in your workout when entering the results.

How do I change a saved workout? Unfortunately, once a workout has been entered the information cannot be changed or deleted. Please simply adjust your future workouts should you be prescribed a level that you cannot complete.

I cannot find the Enter Results button. Go to the main workout page. If you clicked on any days in the calendar and are not on the main workout page, you will not have access to this feature.

How do I alter the date I completed a workout? Just change the date you completed the workout at the "Enter Workout Results" page.

Diet : Diet Service

My diet is not giving me an entire week of food. In the first week, the amount of days shown depends upon the day selected for 'Check-In.' If you started on Monday and chose Wednesday as your check-in day, only Monday and Tuesday's plans would be shown. Once you check-in you'll get everything a week in advance.

Do you have a vegetarian option? We are planning on adding vegetarian options in the future.

Diet : Diet Usage

How much water should I drink? Eight 8-ounce glasses of water is the standard for daily water intake. One of the simplest ways to make the diet more effective is to add an exercise routine and drink LOTS of water.

Can I drink diet soda? Diet sodas have almost no caloric value and should have no impact upon your diet. But they are high in sodium and should not take the place of recommended water intake.

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