The EXERCISE INSTRUCTIONS below offer information about how to best use our software. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please refer to the Help or Frequently Asked Questions pages.

Calendar: Your workout calendar indicates both completed and upcoming workouts. Old workouts are indicated like this, and upcoming workouts are indicated like this. Each new workout is generated using the results of your previous workout, so only a few workouts are shown at a time. You must complete your workout and enter the results before receiving the next workout for that body part.

Enter Results: To enter your results for your current workout, click on Enter Results tab on the main workout page. The page will refresh, and you will see an enlarged image of your workout. To accurately enter your results for each workout, enter the weight and reps performed for each set. Results can only be entered from the main workout page. NOTE: Be careful -- once your workout has been entered it cannot be altered.

Entering Different Exercises: If you performed a different exercise, please change the exercise by using the drop-down menu. Note: These changes are only temporary, and cannot be used to change the structure of your workout in the future. Manual entry is required.

Entering a Different Workout Date: If you could not get to your workout, you can simply complete the workout when you have time and change the complete date. IMPORTANT: The date entered must be in the past. The system will not accept workout dates in the future. NOTE: Do not enter results on a date that a current workout remains as this could impact the function of your program.

Skipping Exercises: If you did not perform a set or an exercise, please enter zeros in both the weight and reps columns. Note: These changes will not change the structure of your workout in the future.

Adding Exercises: If you performed any additional exercises, please add them by using the drop-down menus at the bottom of the Enter Results page. When you hit the Add button, the screen will refresh, and the exercises will appear at the end of the section for that particular body part. Please enter the weight and reps performed for each set. Note: These changes are only temporary, and will not change the structure of your workout in the future. Important: Be sure to use the ADD button, NOT the SUBMIT button.

Delete Workout: If you choose to skip or remove your current workout, click on Delete Workout and follow the instructions.

View Past Workouts: Simply click on the date you want in the calendar to see stored workouts. Navigate to past months using the calendar arrows.

Edit Workout Settings: To change your workout, simply click on Update Profile (or Edit Preferences) found on the main workout page and choose from the selected workout tracks. Note: This will erase the current workout you have created.

Animated Demonstrations: Doing an exercise improperly can be dangerous. Concentrate on form and control when working out to achieve the desired results while staying injury free. If you don't know how to do an exercise, click on the name of the exercise for a demonstration.

Printable Workout: Click on this tab to get a printable version of your current workout. To get a printable version of upcoming workouts, click on the desired date in the calendar and use the Print Workout button on that page.

Strength Quotient: The strength quotient is a proprietary measurement used to determine a member's ability as compared to individuals of similar age and gender. It is computed using age, gender, and strength ability. Strength quotients range from 1-200, with 200 being the pinnacle.

Cardio Workouts: The cardio program functions as a log of past workouts and a reminder for future workouts. NOTE: Currently our program does not allow you to add a completed cardio exercise on a non-cardio day. However, it is possible to add an extra cardio exercise to a prescribed cardio day when entering results. This will allow you to keep track of extra workouts performed. If you plan on occasionally performing extra cardio activities, make sure to re-create your profile so that you have enough cardio available. You can always delete unused workouts.

RPE: sssStands for Rate of Perceived Exertion and is based on a 10-point scale. HR represents your target heart rate - the level your heart rate should be at to achieve optimum physical gains.

  • 10 = extreme exertion - conversation is impossible
  • 8 = high effort - conversation is extremely labored
  • 6 = optimum effort - conversation is easy to maintain
  • 4 = low effort - conversation is very easy to maintain
  • 2 = warm up

Stretching: Remember to stretch before and after working out, and to devote time to your cool down and rest periods.

Warm-Up: We recommend completing one set of each exercise using lighter weight, less than 50% of your first prescribed set. Do not record that in your workout when entering the results.

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